Saturday, September 19, 2009

it's bad enough you steal my phone

but you answer it when I call? really?
two weeks ago, or was it 3, yikes, it was 3 weeks ago I lost my cell phone, well I thought I lost it.
it was practically dead when I lost it so I couldn't call it to find it.
I have searched all over the house, the store, my car, jeff's car, everywhere and anywhere and didn't couldn't find my phone. I really did think it was somewhere in the house, Lily is the queen of taking something and hiding it, I thought it was show it self any day now. Well I don't know what possessed me to do so but I called my number yesterday and I got someone.
Someone answered my cell phone!!!!!
I was so shocked I hung up.
And immediately they called back, I was even more stunned.
me "hello."
them "who is this?"
me "this is my cell phone, what are you doing with my phone?" i then recited to them my cell phone and told them once again, in case they didn't know that they were answering my phone and they shouldn't have it.
they of course hung up
I was floored, I thought for sure it was somewhere in the house and it would show up any day, one reason I hadn't suspended the service. Well I immediately when to my mom's house and suspended the service. I also found out that whoever has my phone had used 110 minutes and sent and received 30 text messages, so not a lot, I was expecting a whole lot more, if I was evil like that I would rack up the bill. I was tempted to call the number before I suspended the phone and tell them next time they use a cell phone that isn't there's they should keep the numbers in the contact and list and don't answer when someone familiar calls!!! Oh well, I am curious though whether they were surprised or not when the phone was unusable 15 minutes after my phone call. The crazy thing is the phone was practically dead when it was taken/found so they either found a charger from a friend or paid the thirty dollars for one, hope it was the latter.
So now I have given up the hope that I am going to get my phone back, bummer, it was a nice phone, I just got it in July, and now someone will probably just throw it away, since they would not do the decent thing and return it.
Part of me wonders if the kid who has stolen two ipods and two ipod car adaptors and who knows what else out of our car took it. How do I know it is a kid? Well a police officer came by the store this week and returned Jeff's old ipod, the one that was stole in April of 2007. A minor got in trouble for something, the police asked his mom if they could search his room, found all kinds of stuff including Jeff's ipod (it was engraved). According to the police, this kid and maybe some friends go around checking cars on a regular basis and if you forget to lock the car they go through and take anything valuable. This kid grabbed something from someone just a week ago, but he is getting to be quite the professional since he took our stuff in 2007 and didn't get caught until now. We asked the officer if my cell phone was found in his room and unfortunately it wasn't, well now we know why, he didn't have it, but that isn't to say he didn't take it, since he did take my ipod and that wasn't recovered. I don't know why he didn't want to keep something that had "princess" engraved in it?
So now I am out a cell phone and someone has mine, but fortunately no one can use my phone right now.
Just one question: how much stuff am I going to have deal with? life is just too crazy, I am ready for the easy life right about now.


Molly said...

That could be an absolute goldmine in figuring out who took your phone. 1st - may be gone, but call your voicemail. Someone might have left the thief a message. 2nd - see if your company can recover your texts to see if he gave away any info. 3rd - go online and get the #'s of people he called. Plug them into google or a reverse phone # lookup, and see if you can find names. Plug those names into facebook and see if you get a common friend or two...who knows, they might have even been stupid enough to say "this is my new # and post your number on facebook..."

mammajoy said...

Man that stinks! You poor thing. Hope your week gets better :)

Amy said...

I cannot BELIEVE the stupidity... must be a teenager. That really stinks! I would have been speechless too. Who knew?


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