Thursday, January 10, 2008

the neighborhood is getting worse

I am so ready to move. First it was someone going into my car and stealing my Ipod accessories and now it a drunk guy in our driveway in the middle of the night, but there is more. I was outside talking to our next door neighbor this week and she said she wanted to warn me that she found a used condom out in the street by her driveway. She said she was use to seeing things like that on the street our driveway is on, but not our street (we live on the corner, side street leads to ghetto apartments, front street to dead end, nice neighborhood). While we were chatting I noticed a beer can in the middle of the yard, our yard tends to be the ghetto's trash can. Then for kicks and giggles I read the crime report for our city for the month of December and discovered there was a cocaine possession arrest on the side street and the block listed was the same one our house is on, lovely! Then the icing on the cake was last night's incident. Jeff was having some trouble sleeping so he came downstairs to lay down on the couch. A little before 3 he noticed the driveway motion sensor light came on so he got up and went into the kitchen to see what set it off. He saw a man standing in our driveway, he appeared to be drunk because he was wavering back and forth, but he was still in our driveway! (note: the sidewalk is on the opposite side of the street so this wasn't just someone wandering off of the sidewalk innocently, but then again, maybe he was really drunk and couldn't find the sidewalk) Finally the guy left and wandered down and across the street. He tried opening a door to an SUV and set off the alarm 3 houses down from us (this woke me up-it was really loud and lasted for about 10 minutes). Jeff says after setting off the alarm the guy wandered into the yard of the house we was in front of, talked on a cell phone, triggered the car alarm again multiple times and walked back up the street the way he must have come from. I asked Jeff why he didn't call the police, he claims he wasn't thinking straight, I wish he would have, it would have at least given him some more drama to watch. So after all of this I am ready to move to a different neighborhood, one that doesn't connect to anywhere else, maybe a dead end street or out in the county. I know that all neighborhoods have problems, but with the drugs coming through (and the pot dealer 10 houses down), the speeding cars that fly down the road, our nightly visitors and the trash from people who just throw it out their windows, not to mention the dog poop we step in regularly despite the fact we don't own a dog I want another house and I would like something a little safer for my kids.

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