Tuesday, September 15, 2009


and the waiting game has begun. . .
Right before dinner last night the phone rang, it was my friend whose child comes to play when she is in town and her son had been over at our house Friday morning. she apologized and said that her son had exposed my children to chicken pox. At first I wasn't concerned at all, I get my kids vaccinated so they should be fine, and back in the day we all got it. But then she explained that she too vaccinates, but the vaccine isn't 100% effective especially for children who haven't gotten the booster shot at age 5, and you can still get the chicken pox even with the vaccine, usually a milder form. She went onto explain that most children get vaccinated around a year or 15 months, so Lily might not have gotten her vaccination, the news kept getting better and better- note heavy sarcasm! She finished off the "good news" with the best of them all, children are contagious 3 days before they show symptoms and until the last sore scabs over which could be 2-4 weeks!! 2-4 weeks, I don't want to be stuck inside and away from people for 2-4 weeks!!!!! First thing this morning I called the doctor to see if my kids, Lily especially had been vaccinated since I am a slacker mom and don't have my vaccination card up-to-date, if I even know where it is. So I sit and wait, waiting for the doctor to call me back and waiting to see if this weekend will bring the chicken pox to our home, I sure hope not, but if so, at least my kids will have had it and we won't have to worry about getting it again, at least if it still works that way these days.

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mammajoy said...

Ooh, I feel nervous for u! Praying that all will turn out ok. Chicken pox is not fun.


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