Friday, September 25, 2009

on a rant

Yesterday the cell phone bill arrived and whoever took my phone racked up almost 400 dollars in downloads, they were very busy in a very short amount of time. Four hundred dollars in downloads plus at least a hundred dollar phone is five hundred dollars someone stole and guess what is going to happen?


The phone company fortunately removed the charges and said to contact the police.
The police well they aren't going to do anything because it was probably a juvenile, the juvenile system is so messed up nothing will happen so they won't bother to even investigate situations like this because nothing will show for it and it wastes their time.

And we wonder what is wrong with kids today?

Here's another one.

Someone I know was charged for DUI twice, in two different locations so two different court systems. They basically got off on both. One was dropped for lack of evidence (though they confessed to drinking and smoking an illegal substance) and the second one was considered a first offense since the 1st was dropped. So they are getting off with barely a slap on the hand, what kind of lesson is they learning?

No wonder people steal, drive while under the influence, do whatever they want with no regard for other people, there isn't aren't any consequences.

It is really frustrating, we have had a rough year and have hardly gotten a break, we lacked insurance and our store burns down and we were left with very little, a consequence of bad judgement and timing. But, here are two examples of people being selfish and lacking judgement yet walking away free, sometimes life is just not fair.

Done ranting right now.

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