Thursday, February 13, 2014

snow, glorious snow

Of course the weather people were predicting 12-14 inches, maybe 18 inches, but we are happy with our 10 inches of snow.
I can't believe it, it actually snowed and it came down.
we took a walk last night to enjoy the quiet snow covered streets

So it started snowing yesterday afternoon and snowed all night.  Then around noon it started to snow or something frozen and continued all afternoon though I don't think it really added that much more.
So the kids didn't have school yesterday because of impending weather.
The kids didn't have school today since none of the roads had really been plowed this morning and because the roads are still in bad shape, only the primary roads are kind of clear, they are off tomorrow too.
ready for sledding

I should say we are off, I do have classes on Thursdays and Fridays.
So we played out in the snow today. We went sledding, we tried to build a snowman, we tried making snow angels, snow forts, etc, the snow wasn't the best for snow creating, but we did what we could with what we had.  I wasn't really in a go outside and be cold and wet, but I managed to stay out for an hour this morning and a really long time late this afternoon.
we saw a bit of blue sky for 30 minutes before the sun went down

So we got our snow, I am now ready for spring.  Bring on the warm temperatures, which we are suppose to get next week!  Wahoo!  I am done with winter and ready for Spring!

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