Sunday, February 23, 2014

a week of warmth

So this past week has felt more like March than February and it has been wonderful.  Unfortunately nine inches of snow leaves lots of soupy soil that has made playing outside very limited. It is also a little strange to see piles of snow when we are walking around with just long sleeve shirts.  We have taken several walks on the trail, played on the playground, climbed trees, played in the tree house, and anything else that keeps us outside because unfortunately cold weather is returning this week.  I can't wait for spring to come, March is almost here, the end of winter is in sight, thank goodness.  This has been a long, cold winter and I hate my house in the winter.  It feels so small in the winter.  In the winter, I fantasize about bigger houses and I have a hard time being content with ours.  I love our house, we have been here for almost 10 years.  It is very little, but it has a great yard, it is in a great neighborhood, it has a lot of natural light, we have worked so hard in and out and I would hate to leave it.   I have quite a few friends who have recently moved to larger homes and part of me is envious, but part of me is not, because I really love our house, it is small, but I haven't come across another house that I would give up this one for yet.  I guess I just need to add on to this one that way I can get a new and bigger house but keep what I love about this one.  One day, just like one day it will be summer again.

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