Wednesday, March 05, 2014

the calendar says March

but the weather says January.
So we had a snowstorm or a wanna be snowstorm on Monday.
The polar vortex returned with two inches of snow and temperatures in the teens.  It came one day after a day in the sixties.  My respiratory system is killing me, sore throat in the morning, a cough all day, occasional sinus headache, ick.  I am tired to feeling bad.  I am tired of sweaters and winter jackets.  I am so ready for spring. I am ready for flowers and green grass.
I am tired of hibernating.
I am so ready for change.
Something new.
Something different.
and not just a change in the weather.
Today is the Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. 
The start of something changing I hope. 
I am ready for change, for new birth, for new life. 
I am so ready.

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