Wednesday, February 05, 2014

a quiet day

Today was the first Wednesday in weeks that the kids went to school, Jeff went to work, and I have no where to go.  It was nice.  I changed the sheets on all of the beds and picked up the house.  I did 6 loads of laundry and got them put away.  I got the pork chops for dinner marinaded.  I got bills for the month organized.  I worked on my lecture notes for tomorrow.  I put on some music really loud and enjoyed the cleaned up living room.  I sat down and read my current book and didn't feel guilty just sitting down and reading.  Today was kind of a lonely, but it was the quiet day I needed.  When I was 16 I never would think that I would get enjoyment out of cleaning and organizing, but I love taking chaos and bringing order to the world, even though it only lasts for an afternoon.   Today was uneventful, boring, but good.

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