Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A battle

There's a battle, unplug or plug in.  I want to step away for awhile from social media, at least Facebook and Twitter, I have been sucked into it too much, time to let go.  I dont want to leave Pinterest, all my recipes are there, and tomorrow I want to  bake bread.  I need to find balance and figure out what that looks like.  Do I go big or just little baby steps? iPhones and iPads are the best devices and the worst,  I get sucked in.  I need a vacation,  a place where it is easy to be in the moment and not a device. 

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Karen said...

Yes! I find myself at the very same place at times. I have backed off at times, but I find the best balance for me has been a day off each week. I usually "clock-out" on Sundays and enjoy a day of physical AND mental rest, and focus more on worship and family. I am usually refreshed and ready to get back to it on Monday. Thanks for sharing and being real!


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