Saturday, January 04, 2014

the gas log disaster

Lance really wanted Santa to bring him a gas log fireplace.
How can one say no to something that would last for years and would be something the whole family could enjoy. 
Lance got his Christmas wish, even though right now I wish he hadn't.
The Friday after Christmas we had someone come by and put in the gas line and install the logs.  The logs were on and everything seemed perfect, we were so excited.  After about 5 minutes, before the installer had even pulled out of our driveway the logs went off.  I immediately ran outside and asked why the logs went out.  He came back in and examined the logs.  He showed me something on the fireplace and told me to contact the company and tell them I needed a replacement thermo couple limit and it would be easy to install.  He had a customer with the same fireplace and the same problem and it should be an easy fix.  Immediately I called the company that makes the fireplace and after waiting on hold for a few minutes I spoke to a customer care specialist and explained the part I needed as described by our installer.  The woman for the company didn't seem to know what I was talking about and was flipping through the manual and asking me if I saw the part I needed in the manual. I kept explaining that the part I needed wasn't labeled anywhere in the manual and that my professional installer told me I need a thermo couple limit.  After being on hold while she consulted someone else, she came back on and told me the part  I need was -------- and it was item number --------.  She recorded by name and address and said that my part would arrive in 5-7 business days not counting weekends and holidays. 
So it has been a week and a day and the part hasn't arrived and it is really cold outside.  We were told that thermocouplers are parts for gas logs that are sold at Lowes for about $12.  I went online today and looked and the thermocouplers that Lowes sells does not look like the part our installer said needed to be replaced.  I started getting confused, so we pulled out the manual, pulled out the gas logs and started to investigate.  The thermo couple of my installer doesn't match the thermo couple of lowes.  There is a part in our gas logs that looks like the thermo couple online so I started to wonder, which part do we really need?  The one the installer pointed to or the one googled?  Of course the manual mentions a thermo couple in the troubleshooting section of the manual but never mentions what it is or where it is.  Then from studying the manual I realized that the name of the part the customer service representative is sending me is not right, it is the pilot light for propane. 
When I made this discovery I was ready to cry, we have a nonworking gas log fireplace with a replacement part coming in the mail that probably isn't right and it is cold outside and I don't know when we are going to get this fireplace working when no one seems to know what is going on. 
I was extremely frustrated because I can't fix anything nor communicate to anyone else what the problem is.
For all I know the problem could be something totally different, like the oxygen sensor, who knows. I know that I am just frustrated because it is going to be 20 degrees on Tuesday and we have a good looking new fireplace that doesn't work sitting our living room and I hate the cold! (I should note, do to the wiring in our house, we can't really run space heaters or we will blow a fuse so the gas logs was a welcomed alternative).
So everything is out of my control which is really driving me crazy because I can't fix it.

So I need to let go and just be grateful for what I do have.  A relatively warm house, two healthy kids, and a heated mattress pad on my bed that does work.  I am grateful it got above freezing today which allowed the kids and I to take a 2 mile walk down the avenue.  I tried a new recipe tonight, 1 hour dinner rolls, a recipe I discovered on Pinterest and finally got around to making.  I am grateful for the two weeks the kids had off from school and I am sorry that they have to back on Monday, I can't wait for summer.  I am thankful for food in my kitchen, we have been trying to eat at home and I know there are many people who don't have the food options that we do.   

I am thankful that Lily wants me to go cuddle in bed with her because she won't always.  So there maybe many mistakes because I am not proofreading.

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