Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lost gulls

Occasionally I have seen a seagull or two flying over a shopping center in town or at the landfill.  I always stop and wonder how they managed to make it to make it to Central Virginia, hours from the ocean.  Today my mind was blown away.  Today in the Target parking lot there wasn't the usual one or two, but a hundred.
How on Earth did they get here?  Is it a group passing through or a whole population that is growing and just hanging out together.  Seagulls in the parking lot was a very strange sight, many people were taking pictures.  The birds seemed quite at home, they weren't easily scared away by cars or people.  
So in the middle of winter, on a cold windy day, I saw a sign of summer and the beach, if they can survive till summer, so can I, not that my situation is at all dire.  I still get out and enjoy the clear sky that only cold, dry air can yield, one plus for winter.

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