Saturday, January 18, 2014

why i love summer

It is cold and there is no snow and no snow in the forecast, what a waste of cold air.
Today I was dreaming of summer, something I do a lot when it is cold and I am cold.  So I tried making a list of why I enjoy summer, and the spring too.

1.  Lightning bugs
They are just magical, a bug that glows in the dark, who would have thought of that, I would never believe it, if I hadn't seen it myself.  Seeing the first ones light up in late spring is my favorite moment every year, noticing that they are gone is very sad sign summer is over.

2. Flip flops, sandals, or really any shoe that doesn't require socks
I love flip flops, I own multiple pairs.  I love shoes that don't require socks.  My feet are always cold so I have to wear socks in the fall and winter so I love being free and close to barefoot in the summer, if not barefoot.

 3.  Swimming
Nothing is more freeing than floating or swimming in water.  I am extremely attracted to water, it is very soothing and calming for me and so floating or swimming in water is perfection.  Yes there are indoor pools one can visit in the winter, but they still can be chilly and the chlorine fumes can be a bit overpowering.  Also, nothing wears kids out faster than swimming. 

4.  Eating outside
I love picnics, cookouts, just eating outside. Some of my favorite restaurants are those who have outside seating.  Yes, I am obsessed with being outside, but eating outside and being comfortable temperature wise is very relaxing and I tend to eat slower and enjoy the food more.

5.   Flowers, leaves, and everything green
I love color and winter is so dull and drab and all so brown.

6.  Summer clothes
shorts, short sleeves, and sundresses, I prefer less clothing to more clothing. I love sundresses and shorts and wearing clothes that are pretty or fun, not functional like I do in winter since it is hard to find pretty things that will also keep me warm.  I also like not having to wear gloves, hats, scarves, and jackets when we got out too.  I totally believe in less is more.

7.  Sleeping with ceiling fan on and occasionally the windows open
I love ceiling fan season, there is something about sleeping with the ceiling fan going, the sound, the feel, the air movement is nice. I generally don't sleep very well in the winter months and sleep much better in the summer.  Also I love sleeping with the windows open when my allergies can handle it, I love night sounds, the bugs, the birds in the early morning, the occasional car, or the ocean when we are close by or the sounds of boats when we are at the lake.

8.  Warm late evenings and cool early mornings
I love that the sun sets late and taking a walk in the magical light of twilight when it is still warm and the bugs are singing and everything just looks beautiful.  We seem to have so much more time in the evenings to do things than in the winter.  Also, I have a hard time getting up early in the winter, but I have no problem getting up early in the summer.  I love to grab a blanket and so sit on the screened in porch first thing in the morning and read.  It starts my day off right and since our porch is on the east side of the house I can watch the sun get higher and higher in the sky. In the winter, the sun doesn't come up until 7-7:30, so I can't enjoy the early morning sun because I am getting ready for work or the kids to school, it is too late to just enjoy it.

9.  The sun, in general
I love the sun straight overhead and bright.  It is sad how the sun never gets very high in the winter, it always seems to be halfway up or halfway down, never just here in the moment.

10.  We look better in the summer
I don't actively tan, but being outside it just happens sometimes that I tan  and I look better with a little color.  Right now my skin is so pale it is practically transparent. I look better in the summer.  My skin has more color, my hair gets a little lighter, and I just feel better.  why yes, I have a touch of seasonal affective disorder!

11.  It is less stressful
The kids are out of school, I am out of school, our schedule is more relaxed, we can go on vacation, we have more flexibility, we have more time (outside time). we can have more fun, life is just good.  There are more free things to do on the weekends when the weather is warm, I hate the park when it is cold.

12.  Alternative forms of transportation are a lot more fun
Riding a bike or walking somewhere is a lot more fun when you don't have to layer up and is good for the environment and our bank account.

13.  Summer foods are better
I love to grill, I like summer salads, and fruit, and your typical summer foods. I prefer lighter foods to heavier comfort foods.  I love spring/summer fruits that are fresh and just picked, strawberries and other berries that we pick or grow ourselves.  Nothing beats fresh corn on the cob from the farmers' market.

14. Thunderstorms or a summer rainstorm
It has rained a lot these last couple of weeks.  I hate a cold rain on a cold day when it is just miserable, but I love a good cooling thunderstorm after a hot day.  There is also nothing like the power of a good thunderstorm, sometimes scary, but usually just exciting and something to watch and enjoy.  Or a summer rainstorm when we can run around in the puddles and get wet without a care, rain boots optional.  Or even the occasional rainy day in the spring and summer that keeps you inside, slowing you down a bit, and the sound at night is soothing and relaxing.  I guess rain sounds better in the spring and summer because it is watering the flowers and other plants so you don't have to where in the winter it is just creating mud and a mess.

15.  Summer sounds
Fireworks or thunder rumbling in the distance, cicadas and other bugs creating unique evening melodies, birds singing, water lapping or waves crashing when in the right location.  Winter is not only void of color, but sound, especially when it has snowed.  One of the things that always amazes me is how quiet everything is when it is snowing.  Whenever it snows we always go for evening walk and I just can't get over how quiet it is, you can hear that white noise of snowflakes falling, something that seems like it would be overpowered by all of the wildlife in the summer.

I know that one day when I am older, if I am not already there, I will be a snowbird who heads south for the winter because my ideal winter temperature is 60 degrees!

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