Wednesday, January 15, 2014

dream home project

I would love a new house, a bigger house, we are crammed into these 1358 square feet and I would love space.  A basement or garage.  A kitchen that would allow you to open the fridge and dishwasher at the same time.  A dining room that could hold more than 6, 8 if you are small.  I would love a master bath with two sinks and all the bedrooms on one floor. 
Yet, I love my house.  I love how much natural light there is.  I love the side porch and the flat backyard.  I love our house's location.  This is the house that we brought our kids home from the hospital in.  This is the house that my grandmother and Charles helped us choose and now they are gone.  This is the house that has so many memories good and bad, I would hate to leave. 
So I guess what we need to do is renovate this one. 
Now if I can just find some money. 
Until then I dream.  This summer I started taking pictures of houses that I love so that one day when we can buy, or remodel/renovate, or build I know what I want and love. I did notice that most house that I love are also found near water.
Topsail Island

Clark Lake, Michigan

Surf City, NC

Eastern Shore of Virginia
Or maybe we need to move closer to some water. . .

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