Monday, January 13, 2014

back to the grind

So tomorrow is my first day and evening class of the spring semester. I am dreading it.  I have gotten spoiled in my four weeks off.  I love routine and schedules and being busy so why am I dreading going back to work?  Is it because my schedule kind of stinks, an 8 am and a 7 pm on the same day so I start the day early, but I still have an evening class hanging over my head all day?  Is it because I am a morning person and by 9pm I am beat yet I still have 30 more minutes of class?  Is it because I am just adjunct which means I work really hard for not a lot of money and benefits and it doesn't seem worth it anymore?  Is it because I hate not being able to take the kids to school or tuck them in two days a week?  Is it because it is winter and so I am currently hibernating and don't really want to go anywhere?  Regardless, my alarm is going to go off pretty darn early tomorrow morning and my day won't be over until 9:30 tomorrow night.  Yes I do have a lot of time in between, but I work best in the morning and early afternoon, I am ready to relax at 8:30.  So, ready or not, a new semester is starting.   16 weeks, I can do this. 

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