Saturday, January 11, 2014

the best christmas gift ever

While Christmas shopping at a local toy/bookstore I came across these snowballs:
Tub of 40 Snowballs by Snowtime Anytime
I thought they were cool and that my kids would like them, but I decided to think about it, they were about $20 and I just didn't know if they would be worth it.  They were really neat because when you squeeze them they feel like real snowballs, they kind of shrink then bounce back.  I was a little unsure of buying them because the ones at the store were kind of gray and they looked like they just might be dirt and hair magnets and I am a clean freak.  So basically I talked myself out of them.   Well after walking out of the store and into the parking lot, it hit me, these would make the best Santa gift for my kids this year.  They would be wonderful to play with when we can't go outside and something unique.  Both kids are really into comparing and whining when they think the other one has more than they do, so I really wanted to have Santa gifts be the same for both kids (that is difficult with a boy and a girl), which made these snowballs the perfect Santa gift.  So I turned around and bought two buckets, one for each kid, or 40 snowballs total.   I proudly showed them to Jeff and he didn't seem that impressed at first, and leading up to Christmas I was worried that the kids weren't going to be impressed either. 
This was the best Christmas gift.  My kids can now throw something in the house and I don't have to worry about them breaking something or themselves.  At close range they hurt a little bit if they get you in the eye or nose, I do have first hand experience, but not nearly as bad as a real snowball.  So we have had them for 2.5 weeks now and no one has gotten hurt and nothing has gotten broken (a Christmas miracle).  Since it has been raining all day and we had nothing to do on a Saturday night we had a snowball fight.  We had so much fun, the kids got their energy out and we all had a really good time. 
I should note: I am in no way being paid by this company or any company to endorse this product.  I am just thankful that "Santa" brought these too us because they have been so much fun and a big hit.  They have exceeded all expectations.  Trying to find all 40 after a fight is even a fun competition because there is always those last 3 that are so hard to find up on a shelf, behind a picture frame, behind the couch cushions, or in a totally different room.
So I am grateful for a gift that gets us moving, away from electronics, and laughing because laughter is the best medicine. 

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