Friday, November 02, 2012

missing Disney

So Snapfish is having a sale on photo books so I am now extremely motivated to finally get our Disney album done.  I have been putting this off for almost 8 months, I should have done it this summer, or even right after we went when my captions and descriptions would be more accurate and descriptive, but it is now or never.  With that being said, trying to narrow down over 700 pictures to 300 some and then organize them onto pages is quite a chore, but it makes me miss Disney.  I can't wait to go back, we have tentatively said that we will go back in 2015.  When we went this year, Lily was 3 and Lance 5 (almost 6), if we return in 2015 Lily will be 6 almost 7 and Lance will be 9.  I am already looking forward to going back because next we won't need a stroller, Lance will be able to ride practically everything (i think), the kids will be able to stay up a bit later and will not need as much of a routine as they do now.  Also, we also know that we love Disney Vacation properties and that the villas are perfect for us and worth every penny since we can make dinner at the villa and only have to eat at the park one meal a day.  One day maybe we can be Disney Vacation members, but considering how much it costs to buy in that might not be possible, but a girl can dream.  I can't wait to start planning this next trip, Disney is a magical place, there is just something about that castle and that little rodent that is magical.

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