Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's been awhile

On this rainy Sunday afternoon I finally got around to fixing my header, just took me like 6 months.  So maybe now I will have time to post.  Well so much has happened. 
Lance had swim lessons and gained tremendous progress in the water. 
We spent a relaxing week at the beach even spotted a shark in the water.
We took the train up to D.C. and spent a long weekend riding all over.
We celebrated Lily's birthday all day yesterday with a friend party in the early afternoon and a family party in the evening. 
And now I am getting ready to teach my classes tomorrow and to send Lance to 1st grade.
I also have been volunteering a lot at school and am so excited that I have been given night classes to teach this semester so I can spend more time volunteering at Lance's school as not have to worry about childcare for Lily.
We have been so busy and summer has really flown by. 
It seems like just yesterday I thought we had 10 weeks of summer and now they are over.
So maybe now I will have a little extra time for blogging, but with two classes this semester, a long to do list, who knows what the future holds.

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