Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summageddon Part II

So Saturday morning we went over to my mom's house to pick her and up and go forge for breakfast. In trying to get to my mom's house we realized how bad things were. We had to take the back way to my mom's house and many streets we passed were blocked. Most of the main roads (in a neighborhood, not expressway or 6 lane road) were impassable due to trees or downed lines. It looked like a war zone.
snapped pole, where the car is parked there was a tree, taken after cleanup

a tree (see stump) broke fence and fell on a house
I didn't take too many pictures of the damage that first morning, I was in too much shock and without electricity, my phone battery was not full power and with that my only means on communication I tried to not use it. 
When we were driving through my mother's neighborhood we heard a helicopter and noticed that it was following the transmission lines, we then realized that this storm was a lot worse then we thought.
helicopter flying over the transmission lines looking for damage

We went to the opposite end of town to find breakfast.  It was a mad house, the main road with all of the restaurants and shopping was also one of the few areas that had power.  Chick-fil-a was a zoo.
Chick-fil-a the happening place Saturday morning after the storm
Though you can't tell from the picture, the line wrapped all around the store.  It took 30 minutes to order and get food.  After eating we dropped Jeff off at his store, he had power, dropped my mom back at her house, and headed over to a friend's house who had power to play.  It was during this playdate that started hearing reports that our city would not have full restoration until the following Saturday.  I was floored, a whole week without power and the temperatures were suppose to be close to 100 every day. I was devastated. 
After a few hours of play, the kids were exhausted so I took them home and headed home to pick up some stuff before I went to downtown to our store to hang out for the rest of the evening.  The kids fell asleep in the car and fortunately continued sleeping after I transferred them to a pallet in the store. 
afternoon nap

During my brief stop at home I opened up my fridge to see what I could transfer to the store's mini fridge, I was devastated to see that the temperature in the fridge was already 60 degrees.  It had not even been 24 hours since the storm had hit and the food in my fridge was already too warm.  I opened up the freezer and discovered that most of the food in there was also defrosted.  I was able to grab some chicken breasts in the back that weren't defrosted and we ended up eating them for dinner that night.
After spending the late afternoon at the store we headed home for dinner.  The house felt pretty cool inside, but once we started opening and closing the door with dinner prep it got warm pretty quickly.  My mom and her dog came over to spend the night with us since I didn't want her in her house alone with no electricity.  We tried sleeping, but it was extremely hot and uncomfortable.  My allergies were bothering me and I was extremely exhausted from no sleep the night before and I was desperate to get some sleep.  At 3 am we packed up the kids and headed downtown to our store.  As soon as I laid down on my sleeping bag at the shop I fell asleep, I usually don't sleep well on a floor, but the exhaustion and cool air put me right to sleep. 
Sunday morning we got up and Jeff headed to the other side of town for bagels.  After eating breakfast we headed home and played with the slip'n'slide (our power outage lifesaver), went to Target for lunch and get sandwich items for dinner, and had dinner at the store.  My allergies were awful despite taking as much medication as possible and strangely it was worse at the store, so we once again headed home to spend the evening and sleep.
the best $20 spent this summer

Sunday evening we saw our first power crew begin working on the lines in front of the hospital.  We were excited thinking that maybe they work through the night to restore power, but we were disappointed when they packed up and left at 8 pm saying they would be back the following morning at 7. 
the power crews putting up new poles
We walked back home realizing that power restoration was going to take days, but we were thankful that we finally saw power crews working because we hadn't seen a power truck in the 48 hours since the storm began. 
Once again, we tried to sleep, but it was miserably hot in the house.  Jeff decided to try and find something that could generate electricity at Walmart.  I should note: generators were not an option, they were sold out on Saturday and you couldn't find a generator within 5 states.  Jeff bought a blowup mattress for us to sleep on in the living room and an inverter that hooked up to the car battery and allowed us to run one fan.  That one fan made a huge difference and despite being extremely congested I was able to get a few more hours of sleep that night.
So 3 night and 2 full days without power and more to go.

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