Thursday, May 17, 2012

in mourning

I am in mourning, though I really should not be, it is quite pathetic actually.
This morning I returned my DVR and got rid of cable television.
We still have the basic channels, but no more Bravo, Discovery, Animal Planet, Weather Channel, MSNBC, ABC Family, and TLC. 
So no more Real Housewives, Whale Wars, Mythbusters, Switched At Birth, and Sister Wives right after they air. 
As much as I miss the opportunity to watch these shows and more, it just wasn't worth the $50 plus $10 for the DVR a month.  $50 doesn't seem like a lot, but over the course of a year that is $600.
$600 that would be:
2 new replacement windows with some extra.
a 3 day trip to D.C. by train with hotel and food
a new ipad
apple TV and a new television
a new couch (not that I need one)
money in savings
and probably a lot more.
So though I am sad it makes a lot of sense, we did use the cable TV, just not $50 worth, so we cut the cable.
Also, since we got the ipad we don't really watch much live TV.  The kids watch their shows on netflix all the time.   I love that I can watch my favorite shows where ever: the porch, the kitchen, the bedroom, and I can move about while watching, I am not confined to one room.  I just wish the Discovery related channels and Bravo were available online (Bravo is, just not consistently). 
So though I will have to wait a bit longer for my favorite shows, in the end it is good, less TV is never a bad thing.

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Happy Kid City said...

Good for you! I went for 10 years without television. I think you will be surprised by how nice it is.


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