Friday, May 18, 2012

the downside to Kindergarten

I had plans for today and like all great plans, they have been laid to rest.
Lance said he was cold and had a headache when I picked him up yesterday from school.  Once we got home, I took his temperature and confirmed what I suspected, a fever.
So today he is home sick, he is running a fever and has a headache, but other than that seems fine.  I keep expecting a rash, or a cold, or something else to appear, but so far nothing.
A fever/illness is not anything to complain about but I also got a call from the school nurse this week, the "scrape" on Lance's forehead wasn't really a scrape, but ringworm.  YUCK!  When I mentioned ringworm in front of him, he immediately flipped out and I tried explaining it really wasn't a worm inside of him, but a fungus, big mistake.  I had to try and explain what a fungus was, which is even more difficult.  I decided to just go with "rash" as my explanation and because if I tried to explain fungus and how it wasn't a mushroom I would be sunk.  Ringworm is kind of like lice, but not as bad. 
So I have kid home sick from school and one kid who is healthy and both need to be entertained but one really needs to rest.  So I wonder when Lily is going to come down with the fever, probably next Wednesday when I have paid for an extra long day at preschool or Friday when it's the last day of school and a picnic because that is just how life seems to go.
It looks like it might be a long, boring weekend, bummer.

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Happy Kid City said...

That's a tough one. I remember those days. Now that my kids are a bit older, the world doesn't have to stop when one of them is sick. So, it does get better!


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