Wednesday, January 25, 2012

it was like black friday but on a wednesday

Sadly there is a Food Lion nearby that is closing and as a result the store went on sale today: 50% off and it was insane.  I stopped by after volunteering at Lance's school and before class thinking I could just run in and out (about 10 in the morning), but I realized right away that wasn't going to happen.  I called Jeff who was at home and asked him to come and over and wait in line and to bring a big tote so I could use it as a shopping cart since carts were not available.  As Jeff stood in line I walked around and gathered what I wanted then I left him to go to class, he was an awesome for staying and waiting in line to buy what I wanted.  I am extremely thankful, 50% off was just too good of a deal to pass up. I grabbed pull-ups, tums, claritin, juice boxes, batteries, cereal, cascade, freezer bags, and quite a few more, things that I normally buy and are on the expensive side, and most importantly things we use all the time.  Jeff was entertained in line, the lady in front of him spent over $500 dollars and he learned that the store required you to pay every $500, but they let her run over a little since she only had a few additional items.  There was a couple there who had 5 carts overflowing with items, they told him they stock up on store closing sales and spend several thousands of dollars.
After I left to go to class I called my two friends and told them about the sale because it was such a good deal.  Both went, one friend spent about 30 minutes in line and the other spent an hour and half.  I stopped by the store on my way home from class to help my friend entertain her daughter while she waited in line since Lily and her were friends, after 30 minutes the line wasn't moving so I took Lily and Ella back to our house.  While my friend waited to check out the computer system crashed so the registers stopped working and one register was never able to go back online.  The lines were so long that they locked the doors and would not let anyone else in.  At one point they started letting people in as others were leaving, if one person left, one got to go in, it was crazy and I was thankful that I had done my shopping in the morning.  Then to add to the madness, people followed my friend out to her car to get her cart, one person even loaded her groceries into her vehicle in return for getting her cart, insanity.  It is kind of funny what people will do for a good deal.  I have to say though that everyone was very polite and friendly, at least when I was there, I think it was getting a little tense when the line to get in started, but it was a much friendlier crowd then Black Friday and the wait was a lot longer.  As luck would have it, I have thought of twenty items I wish I would have  remembered to look for or buy when I was there, but I doubt anything will be left tomorrow and I certainly don't want to go back today.  The sad thing is, that Food Lion had more business today than it probably did in a month.

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