Sunday, September 18, 2011

true story

Friday night I was at my mother's house helping her prepare for her yard sale.  My mom and the kids had left to go grab some fast food for dinner so I had a few things I needed to get done while they were out so I was working as quickly as possible.  I finished the signs and I needed to superglue a knob onto a dresser.  I had a new bottle of superglue and I kept trying to open it but was having problems.  When I finally got it open it spilled out onto my hands.  I thought it was just two fingers on my left hand so I figured no big deal and went downstairs to glue the knob to the dresser.  I glued the knob down and then realized I also had superglue on my right hand.  Superglue had poured out of the bottle and I had superglued three fingers to the bottle.  Fortunately I had remembered from something I had seen on TV that acetone and ran to find some.  It was difficult opening my mother's bedroom door and cabinet with one completely nonworking hand (right hand was glued to superglue bottle) and one had which had two fingers superglued together, but I managed to find the acetone without gluing myself to anything else and headed downstairs.  I poured the acetone in a small plastic container and soaked my one hand in until my fingers came free. I felt confident that my other hand would be free just as easily, but pride comes before the fall.  I did not put the cap back on the superglue so when I put my hand in the acetone, the superglue in the bottle reacted with the acetone and my fingers did not come free.  I dipped a paper towel in fresh acetone and began working to free my fingers.  It took a lot longer to get the bottle and my fingers unstuck, I was almost near panic that I was stuck forever glued, but it finally came free.  My family did get a good laugh because they returned to see me trying to get the bottle off of my fingers, in hindsight I wish I would have taken a picture so I could remember my lesson to take my time.  I was in such a rush to get it done, but in the end it took longer to do then if I would have just been slow and methodical to begin with.  So yesterday I was sticking picking glue on my hands, and I had quite an exfoliating shower because the glue on my hands were quite rough when I was washing my face.  The good news is the glue worked on the dresser and everything cleaned up in the end.
My facebook status Friday night: 'bottle of acetone $0.99, bottle of superglue $1.99, staying calm after superglueing my fingers to the bottle, priceless."  so it wasn't entirely true since I did have a small moment of panic, but I did know what to do right after it happened and hopefully I won't do that again.

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