Wednesday, September 14, 2011

in the moment

Monday night we were watching some old videos of Lily as a baby and Lance as a 2 year old and I was saddened by how quickly they grow up, but actually I was more shocked by how much I had forgotten.  I had forgotten how Lily did a crab scoot and never really crawled in the traditional on all four sense.   I had forgotten how not only did Lance not talk, he didn't even try.   I forgot how darn cute Lily was (she still is, but she was baby cute with no hair and round cheeks) and how chubby she was, she is skinny mini now.
Monday, I spent way too much time trying to update quicken and on most days I am guilty of cleaning the house, working on school work or work, and other stuff and not in the moment with my kids.  I skimmed a blog post that someone posted about homeschooling blind spots and I was challenged to make sure that I am in the moment with my children.  It is kind of ironic that a homeschooling article would challenge me, but it did.  It reminded me what was important and what to focus on.  I tried yesterday and it wasn't always easy, the living room was messy and was calling to me, but we played Frisbee, the kitchen needed cleaning, but Lily and I took her baby for a walk, yesterday I struggled, but succeed, but it is a new challenge every day and hopefully I won't forget and can continue to be in the moment and cultivate a loving relationship with my children and not just the their driver and possibly dictator (of bedtime and schedules).

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