Friday, August 05, 2011

end of the week

Why is it the beginning of the week seems to pass by so slowly, but the end of the week when I want time to pass slowly, time seems to be passing at warp speed.
So today is the last day of our beach trip.
How can a week fly by so quickly?
There is still so much to do.
What did we do all week?
I am sad that tomorrow we head home and vacation is over.
I know I should be thankful, there are many people who do not get to spend a week relaxing at the beach, but I am still sad, this is a week that we get Jeff to for a whole week, he only has Sundays off so having a whole week is wonderful.
Then there is kindergarten to consider, Lance is going to start Kindergarten in a few weeks, Kindergarten, how did this happen? I am not ready to send my baby to school all day, every day. I know that he will LOVE it, so that helps.
So one day left and we will enjoy it.
Oh I almost forgot, today is our wedding anniversary, 11 years.
We made it 11 years! amazing, this past year has been rough so I am thankful we are still together and we are celebrating today with a kayak tour of the sound/intercoastal waterway, very excited!

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