Saturday, August 06, 2011

as i sit here one last morning

i am sad.
we are going home today.
back to regular life when jeff is only home on sundays and my mom is only around on the weekends or late afternoons.
back to life of trying to manage to pay bills and where I don't have an extra set of hands to cook and clean.
where in the evening you can't walk a few yards and let the kids run wild.

i am going to miss siting out on the the porch in the morning and listening to the surf and the tree frogs and the occasional car passing by.
back to the real world.
where i have to find a job.
figure out a new normal now that classes are done and the kids will be going to school.
it has been a great week.
not necessarily the best vacation ever, but it was exactly what we needed.
time to relax and time together.

yesterday jeff and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary by taking a guided kayak tour through the creeks and intercoastal waterways behind the island.
It was very nice to paddle around in the middle of nowhere and see the island from a new perspective. We heard bomb explosions from Camp LeJune, we saw snowy egrets, osprey, blue crabs, and snails that rest on the tops of grasses to escape the crabs. It was nice to paddle around, it would have been fun if it could have been just the two of us, but the tidal creeks are a maze and we could not have done it alone.
So we are winding down a week at the beach that was full of excitement, but overall nice and relaxing and I can't wait to do it again next year.

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