Sunday, August 07, 2011

home again

So here I sit on my screened in porch trying to enjoy the early morning like I did at the beach house. It is nice out here, but not the same. There is no sun rising up over the vast Atlantic Ocean, but there is the buzz of bees and the leaves rustling with the breeze which is nice.
Lily is not taking the going home part well. I don't know whether we didn't explain what was going on well enough or what, but is breaking my heart.
Yesterday we got packed up and headed down the beach for breakfast. We ate breakfast and then we passed back by the beach house to leave and when we passed by the beach house Lily shouted "you missed it!" and started to cry. A couple times on I-40 she exclaimed she wanted to go to the beach house and would cry when we told her we were going home. The worst though was when we had just crossed over the Virginia border and Lily yelled out "keep your eyes open for the bridge, we are almost there." I realized right away she meant the swing bridge of the island. I tried to explain that there wasn't going to be a bridge since we were headed home which then brought on even more tears. She seemed to be devastated that we were going home and not to the beach house. Now that we are home she seems fine, but I am not mentioning the beach house. I wonder if she thought we moved there or what she is thinking, but it breaks my heart to see her so upset. I hope that since I don't have school anymore that she will like being at home and will get over the beach house.
So we are all a little sad to be home, but you can't stay forever, would it still be special if we lived there?
So today we will try to get back to the real world and enjoy where we live and start the countdown for the next summer's beach trip.

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