Tuesday, June 28, 2011

mean girls

Yesterday I was a mean girl especially to my kids, I was stressed. I was suppose to have a take home quiz for my genetics class and I was ready to take it at 2 pm, but unfortunately the professor did not publish it until 5:45 which then I worked on it trying to entertain the kids before dinner, talking with my mom and sister who had stopped by after getting back from the trip to Indiana, while the kids were playing after dinner and when Lily needed to be held before going to sleep. Never would have thought a five problem take home quiz would take HOURS and even if I could just concentrate on the quiz it would have taken a good chunk of time.
Yesterday was a bad day.
I got nothing accomplished, yet that wasn't from not trying. Everything I did was undid seconds later by the kids. I don't understand, the children have a zillion toys but they won't play with their toys they insist on finding my school snack in my bag and dumping it on the floor and smashing it into little pieces in the kitchen while I am vacuuming the living room rug or throwing books down the stairs while I am trying to clean up the kitchen mess. Is just asking them to play in the playroom with their toys such a difficult request? Or for Lily to take a two hour nap and Lance to play quietly in his room, I should have just let them watch a movie, but I hate that, shouldn't they be able to play?
I also desperately needed to go to the grocery store because the meal planning on the fly that we have been doing recently is not working and we never seemed to have anything to eat and I was stopping by the grocery every 2 days and spending way too much money. Though I dreaded taking two kids to the grocery store right before dinner, both kids have been HORRIBLE lately at the store and I did not have the patience to deal with coupons, sales, list, and two cranky kids. So yesterday afternoon I attempted to moderate the children and meal plan, and planned on going after dinner, but I couldn't concentrate because I was overwhelmed and when I get overwhelmed I can't seem to accomplish anything and I was also working on the take home quiz that took FOREVER.
I got nothing to show for yesterday:
my house is still trashed
the inherited furniture still needs completing
the groceries still need to be bought
Quicken still needs to be set up so I can know where our money is going
I need to finish my resume for a neighbor to look at
I need to renew my teaching license
I need to find climate data for my scientific paper for my ecology class
I need to create a curriculum unit for my ecology class
I need to create a lesson plan for genetics
I had a work project to complete
did I mention laundry because Lance is out of underwear and pjs, again
I can't keep up.
So yesterday I yelled at my kids and my husband, wanted to cry at the log list of to dos that didn't get accomplished and counted down the days until grad school is finished- 33 more days, actually only 25 more days of class, I think I can. Today is a new day, hopefully today will be productive and I won't be a mean girl.
and maybe I get something accomplished and not feel so darn overwhelmed.

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