Wednesday, June 22, 2011

it's been awhile

Life is at warp speed and despite the fact that I haven't bee getting much sleep, I also haven't had time to compose a thought.
I have had many a blog posts to write, but to actually sit down and type hasn't happened.
Let's see what's happened lately.
1- Lance finished up his last year at preschool and we have preparations for Kindergarten, so exciting, scary, and sad.
2- I have been incredibly busy with work projects which had been non-existent until the beginning of May.
3- I have been riding the roller coaster of potty training with Lily, she has got pee down, but the other is a whole other story and due to events such as preschool summer camp, we keep taking steps backwards and go back to pull-ups, very frustrating.
4- I am currently in week 2 of 7 weeks of every day intensive grad classes, or week 1 of my 2nd one. It is a lot of work, but I will be done with graduate school July 29th, which is very exciting, but kind of sad too, I love learning and I have made friends other students who I may not see once classes are done, you get kind of attached when you spend HOURS with people every day for weeks.
5- With grad school finishing up I am looking to go back to work, not sure yet whether full or part time, but that is kind of scary, Lily isn't quite 3 and I want to be there for her, but at the same time I kind of want to go back to work, I enjoy adult interactions, using my brain (not that I don't now, but with teaching I would be using my science brain), a paycheck, etc. Though I may REALLY enjoy having morning to myself and may not want to work, maybe I can get done all of the things I have always wanted to do but never have.
6- My grandmother celebrated her 99th birthday on June 3rd and then 6 days later passed away, it happened very quickly and was kind of shocking, though when you are 99 it isn't too surprising. I am sad that now she is really gone, though due to dementia she has been gone for years.
7- I have pink eye, viral pink eye and have had to wear my glasses and will have to wear my glasses until I am symptom free for 48 hours. This has been very difficult for me and the explanation would take a whole post, but basically having to wear my glasses has really brought out my insecurities, I am shocked how insecure I have felt in my glasses and how different I am, must find time to write more. I must say after wearing my glasses for 4 days I REALLY want eye surgery.
8- Not only do I have pink eye, but I also had a sinus infection and this cold or allergies are driving me bonkers, I can't wait to feel better again, I have been so congested, have had headaches, and a sore throat and a decongestant works, but I have trouble sleeping when I take it and I haven't figured out what is the lesser of two evils.
9- I am so thankful that this summer I broke it down and got a pool membership, best $370 every spent, bring on the 90+ days because we are ready.
10- I always like to have even number of items in lists, but I can't think of any. So I will hopefully find time to blog once again because I have a lot to say and I just need to find the time.

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Amy said...

OMG!!!! No wonder you haven't had time to post. My goodness!
1. Feel better... then have the eye surgery. I was scared to DEATH.. best decision ever made. 2. Congrats on grad school! I am so blessed to have my part-time job using my "other brain"... really helps keep balance!
3. Awww... kindergarten. Go ahead and cry.


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