Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the beach

the kids waiting for "GiGee" to come so we could pack up the van, we told her we would be ready at 8 am and we were, ready and waiting
lily taking it all in when we first got there
lance yelling at the ocean, he was so excited to be there and playing at the beach
on the 4th we went down to Wilmington to see the fireworks from the battleship, it was the best fireworks display and the crowd and their reaction made it even more fun, this is the 2nd year that we were downtown for the 4th and hope we can do it again
i love it, the scenery is beautiful, the crowd is fun, and the fireworks are amazing
one day we headed down to the aquarium because we needed a day out of the sun, this picture captures what life is like most of the time, lance torturing his sister in some fashion
the jellyfish, one of the many of sea creatures we saw at the aquarium
my favorite beach picture, the picture that you take by a fluke, the kids weren't posing, it wasn't planned it was just plan luck and I love it, once again it really capture my children
the beach from Lily's perspective, another neat photo that happened by chance
the older Lily gets the more her girlie she becomes and it is so much fun, I love the way she can play with trains and then grab her sunglasses and a purse and be a little diva
the only cloudy day the whole week, Jeff and I got up a little before 6 to see the sunrise unfortunately it was the one cloudy day and we missed it, maybe next year
with two young children it was a relaxing, restful vacation, but we had a lot of fun together and I can't wait to go back again soon, I would love to live closer to the ocean, but I wonder would I still appreciate and enjoy the beach or would life get in the way?  so after a week at the beach I am having a tough time trying to get back into the swing of things with housework, bills, bible in 90 days, work, studying, and just life and with the longest to-do list that keeps growing it makes me want to go back to the beach even more.

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Cassandra said...

Lovely pictures!

I bet getting back into routine is hard after having such a wonderful vacation. :)


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