Friday, July 02, 2010

life's a beach

Tomorrow we leave for a week at the beach, for  our yearly beach vacation that I have been looking forward to since July 5th of last year when our week was up.  One day I would like to live closer to the coast, or at least have a beach house we can visit regularly.  I hope and pray that everyone will stay healthy and safe and despite having two wild and crazy kids, that Jeff and I can find time to relax, because we so desperately need time to spend together and let go of all the stress of life right now.  The kids and I need to relax so we can get ready for the crazy month ahead when we get back home.  Earlier this week I looked at our July calendar and there is hardly time to breathe, or well in the mornings/daytime!  The week we get back is set with playgroup, storytime, and a playdate, then the week after that is vacation bible school for both kids while I am taking a graduate class during the day (I'll be gone 3 days from 8am to 6pm, a very long day!), then Lance has preschool summer camp the following week while I finish my second week of a graduate class, then the first week of august I am in a new class every day all day (9am to 5pm) and someone different will be watching the kids and they will have storytime at the library and playgroups.  So as much as I can't wait for tomorrow and going to the beach and getting away for a week, I can't wait for the second week of August when I can really relax after  3 weeks of graduate school and 4 weeks of busy, busy, busy.  I thought the summer was a time to slow down and relax?  Maybe next year!

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Amy said...

Here's to Rest, relaxation and sandy crevices!


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