Monday, July 19, 2010

excuses, excuses

So today is week 3 check-in of the reading the Bible in 90 days and I am behind- WAY behind, but I have some good excuses:
-I have had quite a few work projects
-I started a week late since I realized my Bible that I took on vacation was missing most of Genesis
-I have been trying to get back on track after being on vacation
-my kids have been getting up early, not allowing me to have quiet reading time
-they have not  been napping, not giving me any reading time during the day
-I have been preparing for my graduate class that starts tomorrow- got a BIG book to read for a 6 day class- do I really have to know all that stuff?? I digress
 - I didn't have a complete Bible and had to buy a new one since an almost 2 year old decided to make my Bible holy, like in the tear out pages kind of holy, I digress again!
-I have been shipping like 30 things that I sold on e-bay, another long story for another day
-I have been trying to finish the book that I need to finish for book club in a couple weeks that is now officially overdue at the library, it is really good thought taking forever since I have no free time
-I have just been a slacker and not making it a priority which is the worst excuse of all
-I have been busy trying to just keep it all together
-I have been using free time to connect with my mentorees and encourage them to complete the readings
On a positive note: I have finished Genesis, I have started- and despite reading it tons of times and reading the whole Bible in 90 days at the beginning of the year, I am finding things that are new, things I never noticed before and that is what makes reading so amazing.  So my goal is be caught up by next week- it is a long shot, but I really want to take part in the Monday night discussions and it will help me to encourage my mentorees and have more to discuss with them so I am not defeated and plugging along as best I can.   So I started, better late then never, right?


Kara said...

Good for you for sticking with it! Just keep reading...

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


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