Monday, June 21, 2010

1 years anniversary

Last night was the one year anniversary of the fire that destroyed our business.
I never thought we would be here one year later.
This past year has been rough and I am totally amazed that we are still here, hanging on somehow.
We have reopened in a new location, started working on bicycles again (which has kept us treading water), learned that God is good and totally in control even though it may not feel  like it.
A lot has happened as a result of the fire:
I am now in graduate school in hopes of getting a better, more flexible job and have financial aid due to our loss from the fire
Jeff is now in school working on his undergraduate in graphic design so he will have something to fall back and help bring in income, once again with great financial aid due to our losses from the fire
thanks to Obama's stay in your home program and the fire our mortgage is ridiculously low so we will never move, ever, yet we still can't pay on the bills, but hopefully one day
I found a job I can do from home and though it is sporadic, hopefully it will help us to get ahead during the slow times
our marriage has made it through one of the roughest periods of our life and if we can survive this, I would like to think we can make it through anything
So a year ago it seemed as though our life was destroyed, but it didn't kill us, hopefully it did make us stronger and it is only up from here
A year later there is still an ache when I think about how everything went up from one careless cigarette, though it wasn't our home, it was our "second home," and there were lots of personal things and memories there and we can never get them back.
But it is only up and out from here

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Molly said...

couple things...
1. If your husband is in Graphic Design and wants portfolio work for website building, PLEASE contact me. I desperately need someone to build mine for artwork and get it hosted, etc. I can pay and would gladly refer others.
2. I can't believe it was a year ago...
3. I never understood why people broke down and cried when they saw the destruction/loss in fires/burglaries/etc until I got robbed in December. Now I get it. It really does hit you in the gut, I can't imagine what it was like coming onto the scene in the picture.
4. I think you've probably gotten to the same conclusion, but I also learned a lot about forgiveness when it happened to me. I never understood what people meant when they say that forgiveness is a bigger gift to the forgiver than the forgiven...I realized it was difficult to carry that resentment, and I had to just go "okay, it happened, and I just hope they needed it more than me". I'm guessing you've probably gotten (or are working toward) the same type of forgiveness for the careless smoker. A difficult lesson to learn when suffering a loss of any sort, but it really was liberating.
Like you said, it can only go up from here...a friend once told me after a string of rough events "maybe you should start playing the lottery - because statistics alone would point to the fact that you're DUE some better luck!" Maybe you should invest in a couple bucks worth of MegaMillions ;)


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