Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Got a ___________ in Human Anatomy

I got an A in Human Anatomy!  I am so excited, grades were finally posted and I am so excited.  I guess it really isn't too big of a surprise since my grades going into the final exam were 94, 94, 100, and 97, but to see that 4.0 on the screen is exciting!  Though I have only taken 2 classes my grade point average is a 4.0, I love it, never had that good of a grade point average as an undergraduate, I don't know where this perfectionism is coming from and I hope that I won't be too disappointed if I get a B.  Anyways I am celebrating the fact that I made an A, survived a tough, intense class, overcame my fear of cadavers and dissections,, and learned a whole lot about the human body. 

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