Sunday, June 21, 2009

7.5 years gone in just minutes

Everything is so unbelievable, I would not believe it if I didn't see it for myself.
We were at my sister's house for my brother-in-law's birthday.
Jeff got a call that "scene 3" is on fire.
Jeff thought the caller was confused, didn't know what they were talking about.
Brother-in-law and his dad arrived back from getting the pizza, they said they saw lots of smoke in the direction of our store.
Jeff went off to investigate for himself.
As he was headed over he got a call from a reliable source that told him that indeed our store was on fire.
He parked and walked down to the shopping center.
The entire shopping center (6 businesses) were destroyed.
We lost all of our inventory, fixtures, personal items and the kicker, we didn't have insurance.
We were suppose to have moved to our new location week ago and he has insurance for the new location and the old insurance ran out.
We lost everything, but the debt.
7.5 years of work gone in minutes.
I still can't believe it is all gone.


35 and holding said...

we were stunned to hear the news. I am so sorry!!

sarah said...

So sorry to hear that. Think of you all as you work through this difficult time.


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