Thursday, April 22, 2010

why can't things just be simple

Everything seems to be so darn complicated these days.
For example:
1- Last night we went to Toys'R'Us to buy party supplies because I had a 25% off coupon, well of course they didn't have enough plates so I went to the party store close by and finished getting what I needed.  Well I thought I had a pretty good deal until we went to Target and discovered that Target was at least 50 cents cheaper then the sale items at Toys'R'Us and the party store so that meant another trip to return everything when I had hoped to be done shopping for that kind of thing last night.  The return saved me at least $5 and I had to go back to the party store anyways to get the coloring books I decided to use as party favors so I didn't necessarily lose my savings from the gas and time, but it was still annoying. 
2-  I went to the party store this morning and of course the coloring book I wanted to buy didn't have as many copies as I need.  I ended up purchasing two copies of the one I wanted and 6 copies of the more expensive one.  Then when I went to pay for the coloring books I noticed that the expensive books rang up $4.99 although they were marked $3.99 so I had to wait for a manager to come and override and system and do a whole bunch of changing all the while trying to keep Lily from getting to the candy and pulling off all the disposable cameras off their hooks, not fun.
3- This morning Lily and I also got our bangs trimmed.  I pulled into the parking space in front of the salon, got Lily out, and as I was walking around the car I heard a hissing sound coming from the tire.  Knowing that I had more errands to run I had to call Jeff to come and change my tire.  I know how to change a tire, but I lack the strength to loosen the lug nuts and I don't want to even try and change a tire and wrangle a 20 month old.  So twenty minutes of solo child time was lost getting a tire changed since it took the twenty minutes we were getting our hair done for Jeff to get to us. Too bad we went close to home or the tire could have been changed while we were in the salon, but the way life goes, Jeff arrives right when we were finished.
4- Tuesday I had to go pay for my summer graduate classes, and right before I headed over to the school, but after I had run several errands I realized the credit card I was going to use to pay for the classes was missing.  I searched the car, searched my bag, and retraced my steps and after wasting 30 minutes of driving around to all my previous locations I realized it had slipped down between the seat and the door, though I thought I looked there multiple times.
5- Yesterday at Food Lion I didn't have with me my MVP card and after trying to use my phone number the cashier who was of little help asked the lady behind me for help, fortunately she was able to put in her number and I was able to get my savings, though it would have been a whole faster had the lady just swiped an MVP card many cashiers have on hand, or at least the ones at my regular Food Lion do.  Well to pay for my purchase I had wanted to use my gift card, but it is a bit peculiar and the last two times the cashier had to punch in the number.  I tried to explain this to the cashier after swiping it once and receiving an error message, but she didn't seem to believe me and repeatedly tried to get the card to swipe.   I was irritated at the cashier for her insistence that the card should be swiped and finally gave up and wrote a check.  After all this I realize that both of my children are kneeling by the candy and Lance is starting to unwrap a package of gum.   What should have taken a minute ended up taking 5 minutes and I was thoroughly annoyed, why couldn't the lady just punch in the gift card number so I could move along like I tried to tell her?

Things have just been extra complicated and difficult this week and I don't know what is going on, why can't things just go simply or smoothly, does everything have to be an ordeal?

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Dawna said...

Oh, wow! What a really challenging week it sounds as though you've had, Sarah! Those sorts of weeks always seem to drain me when I have them... I do hope it gets better for you, and you end up having a wonderful weekend!


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