Saturday, April 24, 2010

I was thinking

A blogger I read regularly was blogging about tolerance and the lack there of these days and it got me thinking.  Where has the love gone?  Or did humans ever have it?  I heard about this project and it is really cool, but at the same time sad because people aren't loving other people.  This especially sad when I think about how many "Christians" are in this city, heck in this country, yet acts of kindness are few and far between.  Sometimes is just seems like Christianity is more about politics, conversions, and being a Pharisee and not about showing love to the unlovable and passing on a random act of kindness.  Maybe things aren't as bad as they seem, maybe things are the way they have always been, but thinking about it makes me want to change, to make a difference, be a part of the bigger story.

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Altruismed said...

Sarah, thanks sooo much for sharing this!!! I was in a wedding this weekend so I am just now catching up on blogs and was very pleased to see your post! (I was wondering about the spike in views from Saturday!? Many thanks to you!)


By the way, Did you see the PostSecret Sunday about paying for the person behind them and making their day?


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