Thursday, April 15, 2010

there are worse things

I know there are worse things then your child not measuring up to their peers and being label special ed, but it still is a little upsetting.
Lance has been receiving speech therapy through the city school system for a year and a half now and his progress has been slow especially at preschool.  Lance's speech therapist wanted him evaluated to make sure there wasn't any other problems other than a speech delay so after a visit to the developmental pediatrician, a battery of intelligence tests, several observations, and telephone interviews we had an eligibility meeting for Lance and he was found eligible for additional special education services.  So now in addition to weekly speech therapy, he will have weekly sessions with the occupational therapist (to develop his fine motor skills especially the correct way to hold a pencil) and help in the preschool classroom with a special education teacher (hopefully to improve his language skills with his peers as well as adaptive classroom skills).  Lance will be 4 next week, but his expressive language is that of a 2.5 year old.  This delay in expressive language is starting to impact his social and classroom skills which is concerning.  I hope that his current struggles are not a indication of his learning abilities in the future because we have a whole lot of school ahead of us.  So though it could be worse, I am still upset at the struggles Lance faces and that he isn't the normal practically 4 year old boy.  School is difficult especially for boys and starting out behind everyone doesn't make things any easier especially with No Child Left Behind or in other words: No Child Shall Be Left Untested.


Scattered Mom said...

I have a 14 year old son who has dyspraxia and learning disabilities. It's not easy, but you do learn ways to work around their disability and life goes on. In the beginning though, I remember it being very very hard to swallow.

(Hugs) There may be worse things, but knowing there is something you can't magically fix? Little worse than that. It gets better. :)

Meredith B said...

Knowing about learning difficulties before kindergarten actually puts you ahead of the game. Lance won't have to unnecessarily struggle with undiagnosed issues. He will have the assistance and accommodations he needs to be successful.

God created Lance perfectly, and gave him to you and Jeff, fully equipping you to face the challenges. Rely on God's strength when you feel like you can't go one step further.

Jennifer said...

It is hard. We went through this with my son. The first day I had to take him the special education room I felt like crying. Any time something is wrong wit our children it hurts. But you are doing what you can and he will improve and in the end he will be fine. He needs a little help now, but really that isn't an indicator. Lance is Lance and no matter what they tell you is "wrong" doesn't change who he is. Good luck!


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