Thursday, March 25, 2010

unexpected turn of events

So after a week and half of waiting and e-mailing the company to get a final answer I gave up on the job I had applied for back in February.  I was really disappointed as I had mentioned last week, but there was nothing that I could do so I got over it and wouldn't you know it, Tuesday when I checked my e-mail I had an e-mail from the company and they offered me the job.
I was so excited and totally blown away.  I figured after more than two weeks of no response it was a definite no, but I was wrong.  Though this job seems perfect, working at home, doing something within the education and science field, with pay that is worth my time I have no clue how it will really be.  I hope it won't be too boring and tedious and that I will enjoy using my brain again.  I am excited about being able to contribute financially to our family and helping us to reach our goals.  The store fire last June has put us at the bottom of the ocean and I hope that this will help us to get our head above water and maybe just maybe on dry land.  I want to be debt free and have money in savings, but it is pretty hard to do when there isn't always enough money in a month to pay the basic bills.  Hopefully it is only up from here because I am pretty tired of being down.  I am extremely thankful for this job opportunity and have hope that things really will get better.

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