Tuesday, March 23, 2010

going, going, going

With the exception of today it has been so nice outside- sunny and warm- heavenly.  I LOVE SPRING! 
We have literally spent every possible moment outside.  Life has been pretty darn good with the exception of Lily's bad sleeping habits, she has been getting up multiple times during the night- this shouldn't be happening for a 19 month old, right?  I think it may be because she isn't eating enough during the day, she gets so darn distracted and is so buy she doesn't like to stop and eat.  Anyways, life has been busy and going by so fast and somehow I got behind in my Bible in 90 days reading which kind of freaked me out because I only have a week left.  I am floored, in one week, hopefully I will have read the whole Bible, WOW!  Well thanks to rainy and chilly days I am caught up in my readings, YEAH!!!  I never realized how much Old Testament stuff is in the New Testament until now, knowing OT really helps make sense of NT.  So the gospels were easy reads, Acts was long, Romans was tough, never thought I would get through Romans, Corinthians were familiar and just had a taste of Galatians.  There is so much in these New Testament letters and so much stuff I want to know more about, I want to know more background information because I think it will then make even more sense.  It feels good to be finally caught up, I have been at least a day behind for two weeks now and I am excited to see the finish line!  So let's see 47 books down, 16 more to go

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