Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A month ago I responded to a job posting.  It was a work from job home with good pay and related to my degree and previous experience as a teacher.  The pay was pretty decent too.  I got a response right away with an evaluation assignment which I completed.  A few days later I was contacted to give two e-mail addresses of my references.  They contacted two references then I was contacted about setting up a phone interview.  The phone interview was postponed due to a large project the manager was working on and then postponed again when the same manager was ill.  I finally had the phone interview a week ago Monday and I thought it went fine.  The interviewer told me that she would I guess contact whoever she is suppose to and then I should hear something within a week or week and half.  Well today is a week and half and still nothing.  Bummer.
No news is never good news for me and I am disappointed.  I was really hoping this would work out.   I really want to help out our family financially so the burden would not all be on the shore, I wanted to pay down our debt, have money in savings, have a little extra to fix up the house and complete the projects that have been on hold for years.  This job seemed to be perfect, work from home with hours that I set doing something that I know and enjoy, uh, I am just so bummed.  In January, I thought I that keeping one of Lance's school friends would be perfect, though their were a few drawbacks, but it didn't work out and then this possibility came along and this is even better, so I hope that if this doesn't work out that means there is something better, but I can't imagine something better.  Sometimes I really want a billboard that clearly explains what is the right choice to make because the road signs are all so confusing. 

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