Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

As a stink bug catches my eye as it moves across my computer desk I shudder at trying to comprehend how many of these prehistoric creatures are wintering in our home.   I am not sure how they got in and I don't want to guess as to how many there are, but instead of complaining, I need to be thankful because there are a lot of things.

I am thankful for

1- our new window, our house would be so much colder during this incredibly cold winter especially with all the winds we have had the last two days.  In the past, our house was always COLD and this year we aren't freezing 100% of the time.

2- nap time- the quiet, the me time, the stillness, need I say more?

3-online bill pay through the bank- saves stamps, helps me to stay on top of things since our income is extremely unpredictable and most of the time it is faster

4-schedules- well more like getting back on one, Lance had preschool today for the first time in two weeks and it was so nice to get back into our routine and to have some just Lily time this morning

5-DVR, so I can watch all my favorite Bravo shows when I want since staying awake from 10-11 pm is hard

6-facebook- because you can communicate with people without an agenda and on everyone's time frame, it isn't an inconvenience like a phone call can be when the children are crazy, but you just want to let someone know you are thinking of them

7-my Subaru- yesterday I had to drive the ford focus to small group, there was some ice on the roads and I had a lot of trouble getting out of my neighborhood, in fact I even had to back down a hill and street because I couldn't get up to the top of a small hill, it was scary, but made me extremely appreciate of my Forrester, it handles snow/ice better than a car, I sit up high so I can see well, and it isn't a large van or SUV so I can still park easily and spend a fortune on gas

8- clean drinking water- there are so many people in the world that don't have clean drinking water and it is something I take for granted most of the time, totally random I know, but I am thirsty

9-  Lily, she just cracks me up, she drives me crazy a lot of the time, but she makes me smile, she isn't a girlie girl, her hair or clothes are always a bit disheveled, she usually has a bruise visible somewhere from playing a little too rough with brother, she loves her blanket and refuses to say dadda, both of us are mama, which is the opposite of Lance who called us both dadda, I really enjoyed the morning we were able to spend together just the two of us

10- Lance, he currently is obsessed with sunglasses, he has finally mastered potty training all by himself, no assistance needed as well as getting dressed all by himself, though he prefers for the Thomas on his underwear to be in the front instead of the back so he wears them backwards, he is coming a long way with his vocabulary and though he isn't as verbal as most 3 & 4 yr olds he has come a LONG way, he still loves everything Thomas and understands that money buys things and will go through purses and bags to find money to "buy choo choos," he loves to help in the kitchen and loves scissors and cutting which keeps me on my toes, all paper must be kept away from him and scissors must be hidden at all times or mail, magazines, books, any paper product will be cut into tiny bits

So after a week and half of canceled activities thanks to mother nature we are back into our routine, I am getting the house back in order, I am able to appreciate my kids and spend quality time with them and life is good and I am so thankful

Oh and I almost forgot the biggest reason I am thankful today

11- Right now we are all HEALTHY!!!!!! illness has seemed to be the norm since Thanksgiving!

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