Monday, February 15, 2010

Psalms, some easy reading

This week's reading of the Bible in 90 days was Psalms.  It was so refreshing and easy and just enjoyable.  It was a nice break after Kings and Chronicles which was a bit harder to read, I am not a history person and enjoy literature so I was glad to be done with the history. 
I enjoy Psalms because of the honesty and I can relate to the frustrations David and the other authors have about life.  The last couple of years has been extremely difficult, things seem to be going downhill and everything that can go wrong seems to, I can so easily relate to Psalms especially those which cry out to God. 
I know for some Psalms isn't easy reading, but for me, it is water in the valley.  As I read through them I search for God's characteristics, and hold onto those which I struggle to believe with all my heart.  When life is hard and seems hopeless these characteristics bring me hope that God is my
-ever-present help in trouble
just to name a few.
Psalms is the book I go to when my faith is small.  Psalms is where I go when my world seems out of control.  I really enjoyed reading through Psalms this last week and after surviving through the histories it gave Psalms so much more meaning.  I understood the situations that David was experiencing when he was crying out to God for help.
So this week begins Proverbs, Solomon's wisdom, I have read bits and pieces of Proverbs in the past and I am familiar with Proverbs 31, but I look forward to reading the the stuff in the middle that I am not familiar with.  I also look forward to reading through the Prophets which most I  have never opened my Bible too. 
So here I am halfway through and humbled that I have made it as far as I have.  Making it to day 46 is an amazing accomplishment, not to sound too cliche, but it has definitely not been on my own power because I have never been able to keep any kind of Bible reading plan for longer than 2-3 weeks.  So once again I celebrate making it another week and completely reading another book of the Bible. 


Yours hopefully thriving said...

I just remembered you and yours to our heavenly Father.

May He continue to give you the strength and perserverance to get the whole way through His word.

Well done for getting so far already. Isn't it wonderful to really indwell the word. It's my first true time through and I'm loving it despite being behind.

Enjoy the minor prophets - if you delver a little into the history in which they were written it really helps.

adjunctmom said...

One of my favorite songs is: "I Go to the Rock." Reading the Psalms reminded me of it and how much I enjoy it.

I love the list that you've made here.

perfectconfessions said...

"water in the valley" - i love this image!


perfectconfessions said...

"water in the valley" - i love this image!


Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

I am so proud of you! I hope you enjoyed all of Proverbs, too and am looking forward to reading what you have to say next week. Glad you're a part of the challenge with all of us at!


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