Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the third snow storm

a peek at the snow fun from the 3rd snowstorm we've had this winter, we haven't had this much snow in YEARS, since I was in high school, and now with the accumulation standard set so high, a few inches (the normal winter snow amount) will seem like nothing
Friday: when the storm hit, we only got 6 inches, but that was on top of the 12 we had accumulated the weekend before and 2 inches from tuesday night
can you just tell how desperate we are for spring?  playing on the swing set in the snow

One of Lance's mittens was still damp and I could only find one matching, dry pair of mittens so both kids had mismatched mittens, it looks quite funny on Lil' since one is so much bigger than the other, as you can see, she still isn't much of a fan of the snow

we went to my mother's house for sledding since she had a hill Lance could sled down by himself, he had a blast and Lily could stay inside and play since she still doesn't like snow which allowed Lance and I to spend a little quality time together

still has the mismatched gloves!  he was so proud of himself going down the hill by himself and carrying his sled back up, he kept shouting "no help!"
preparing to take the plunge, yes those are pink snownboots- they were free (hand-me-downs for Lil') and they fit him and when fall came I didn't think we would get enough snow to warrant buying snow boots, I was wrong, but he loves them and they work

it was warm and there was a crust on the snow so Lance was able to try out snowboarding and Lily tolerated the snow since she could walk on to so we got some outside time in while I aired out the house- I opened up all the windows to get all the germs out! it may not help, but makes me feel better

So despite the cold, sickness, and all the precip we have had some fun outdoors, I am so ready for spring or at least for the snow to go away, or at least for a week or two

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