Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top Ten Sounds I HATE to hear from my children

 10 sounds I hate hearing from my children, in order by how I think of them

1- vomit, especially when child is not in the bathroom or close-by

2- diarrhea, especially in a child wearing diapers

3- water or other liquid being poured out on the floor- this is the inspiration for this post, i am upstairs getting ready for the day and I just heard a whole bunch of liquid being poured out onto the floor- Lily loves to find my water thermos and dump out any remaining liquid resulting in a large mess to clean up and clothes to be changed

4- the sound of contact then a child crying- this is usually from older child hitting younger child with some toy and younger child alerting me a crime has been committed, this happens a lot when we are in the car, older child gets made at younger child and has been throwing a sippy cup and younger child, unfortunately 3 yr old has good aim

5- silence when children are awake, playing together, and not in my line of vision, this usually means they are up to something naughty, for example, yesterday there was silence, discovered 3 yr old had pulled powdered sugar down from off of the kitchen counter and had given it to the 18 mo old to play with

6- child's head making contact with hardwood floors- worse sound ever, fortunately it rarely happens

7- child waking up about an hour or two after I fall asleep, I am the most groggiest and when I finally get functional I  have the hardest time falling back asleep

8- sound of paper being ripped especially when it is a bill or book, I put stuff up I tell you yet somehow they find ways to get to everything

9- the kids in my closet, this is Lance's current location when he has found something that he wants to eat but know I will not allow it, he is getting quite stealth, it is kind of scary

10- bathroom door opening when I am hoping for a minute of private alone time, we have very old doors that get stuck easily so I don't always shut them tight so I can easily be bombarded with the kids

Overall my children are good, well behaved children, just lately we are all sick of being stuck inside due to the large amount of snow everywhere and cold temperatures, the conditions do not create an environment that allows for my children to get out all of their energy which then makes them mischievous, I can't wait for spring!


oh amanda said...

That head against the hardwood is a yucky sound. Unfortunately we hear it ALL the time!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Another sound I hate to hear is the sound of my husband vomiting. The toddler is at least a quiet vomit-er, but not the husband. Wow. At least, I don't usually have to clean up after him.

Allison said...

Heads on the hardwood floors happen all the time over here. Usually once a day. Thank goodness my kiddo has a hard head.

Melissa @Simply Mel said...

I so agree with all of those! I hear little bodies hitting our hardwood floor or other furniture too often. They get their clumsy gene from me! lol. Another sound I hate hearing is kids falling down our stairs. Happens too frequently here.

I don't like hearing diarrhea sounds in a kid with underwear on that's for sure!

Now if we're talking sounds we don't like from our husbands...that's a whole 'nuther top ten right there! lol


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