Tuesday, December 01, 2009

i'm done

i'm over it
it is finished
or at least i am finished working on it
19 pages and who knows how many hours work of work is done, with a little over 24 hours before it is due, not too bad
now i can clean up the mess that is my house since i have let the kids go wild for extra seconds typing away on the computer
19 pages, wow, and i was struggling with 6 a couple of days ago, though at least 3 pages are title page and references, but 19 sounds so much nicer and harder doesn't it
so i e-mailed the research proposal to a friend in the class who will hopefully find any problems I have so i won't lose points for not having APA guidelines and then tomorrow hopefully another friend can read over it and i am good to go
December first and I off to a good start.

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