Wednesday, December 02, 2009

another rainy blah day

but I got a whole lot done.
I can't believe it, but the kids and I did not leave the house today and the house is cleaner and more organized then it was this morning even without Lance napping,
So overall it was a good day, a blah day, but good.
It didn't start out promising, this morning both kids were cranky, and it seemed like someone was always crying and someone was always pulling the shower curtain aside and wanting to climb in while I tried to get clean.
There was one highlight to my day, Lance pulled out a puzzle after lunch and when I went to make dinner I noticed it was still out, I asked Lance to put it away and he did.  I was floored, he put something away when I asked the first time without standing over him and doing it when overtired.  I tried my luck for a second time after he got out the legos and he put them away and even put them back on the shelf, I love my new little helper and hope he stays.
So my research proposal is complete and turned in, now the next stress is preparing for a class presentation on it and the final exam, two more weeks and I will be home free, can't wait.
So the weather outside was frightful, but inside was quite productive, my kind of day!

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