Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sleep glorious sleep

Lily slept again all night last night, it was wonderful! 
Unfortunately Lance did not.
My poor buddy was coughing and hacking and just quite pitiful.
He was up for quite some time, now if we can just get him sleeping all night we will be one well rested happy family.

And totally random-
There is someone who is flying over the city in an airplane pulling a banner that has a picture of an aborted fetus and says "10 week abortion" with a 800 number.  Just saw it again out my window.  I am against abortion, but I am also against tactics like that.  Is that really effective?  Does that really change people's hearts?  Why doesn't this person or group who is probably from out of town use the money they are spending on fuel, lodging, food, and who knows what else to counsel women, show them love, support women who choose to have deliver their babies instead of aborting them.  I personally think changes happens through relationships and love, not through fear, hate, and gross images.  That's just my two cents, I am not saying I am right and I am not saying I'm wrong, I just think that there are better ways to make a change.

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