Monday, November 16, 2009

another beautiful day

Today is a good day!  
This morning we went grocery shopping then came home and had lunch.  After lunch we played outside and it was so beautiful.

If we didn't have all that rain last week I might have taken the sun and warm temperatures for granted.  I love being outside when it is warm and sunny.  I also love that Lily can do so many more things outside without me having to be right there, she is getting more and more independent which makes playing a lot more fun, it isn't Lily and Mommy playing with Lance, but it is more Lance and Lily playing with Mommy, much more fun.

So today is a really good day, not only because of the sun, but because Lily slept all night last night! 
First time in weeks, maybe a months, she got in a bad habit of getting up a lot.  It could be a fluke, but I set up a humidifier in her room and I don't know if it was the moisture or the sound, but she didn't wake up at all which makes me feel so much better.  I have been able to handle the kids, have so much more energy, don't feel like I am in a fog, though I still lack the motivation to get everything super tidy and do the laundry- saving that for when it is too dark outside or raining.

So today is good and I am so thankful.  

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