Thursday, November 05, 2009

new title, slighty new look

Ever since Lily arrived on the scene, the title, "life with lance" was just not cutting it, adding and the "lily bean too," was just a temporary addition until a new name could develop
so "embracing chaos" fits life so much better especially all that we have gone through in a year:
-the economic downturn which killed our business and put us in a financial blackhole
-the craziness of having two kids, especially one that is speech delayed so everything is a guessing game
and the big one:
-the fire that destroyed our store, our main source of income
the last couple of years has been really tough and i can say I am learning to embrace the chaos, learning to bend, give, and not let life's craziness make me crazy, though some days I feel like I am going crazy
so life with lance is now embracing chaos,
hopefully life will get calmer, though i doubt it!

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