Friday, November 06, 2009

not fan of november

I dislike November, I really do.
It gets dark early, which is noticeable because the time just changed and every evening it get darker earlier and earlier, which I dislike, i love the sun.
It gets colder, I am a spring and summer girl.
The germs seem to come out and play.
We spend more time indoors because I am not acclimated to the colder weather yet and can't handle the colder air, by January, I will be outside no matter what, but now I am a chicken.
We have the least amount of money and get behind on the bills, this is the third year in a row that we have no money and unfortunately we are at the mercy of our customers who don't seem to be buying.  Most money that comes into the shop gets turned around for inventory for Christmas because Christmas makes us or breaks us.  We have been barely treading water and right now we are drowning and praying that Christmas will get us out of the water.

My allergies are horrible, it is as bad as pollen season since now it is mold and mildew from the fallen leaves and rain.  I have been sinus yucky for weeks now.
I don't like fallen leaves, more specifically the two willow oak trees in my neighbors yard that blow litter our yard and gutters with their thin leaves that are difficult to rake and blow and get everywhere including the house and car.
and that is why I don't like November, well until Thanksgiving, then I like it because it is almost Christmas.  Only a few more weeks to go!

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